22. - 28. 5. 2011. KINO EUROPA

Film Program

Film projections from 22. to 28. May, 2011., cinema Europa, Zagreb
The 5th Jewish Film Festival theme is "Women in Holocaust".


Special project related to teaching young people about the Holocaust, called "Educational Mornings"

Music Program

During the seven days of the Festival you will enjoy a very interesting music program that we prepared for you this year.

Thematic Exhibitions

An exhibition titled "Women in the Holocaust"

Talent Workshop

For Up-And-Coming Screenwriter, Directors, Cinematographers, Editors And Production Sound Recordists/Mixers

Dancing Alfonso

 R. Barak Heymann, Documentary, 50 min.

Dancing Alfonso 1 Dancing Alfonso 5


Alfonso is the lead dancer in a flamenco troupe, which rehearses in a Tel Aviv suburb. The average age of the group-members is over 75. After the death of his wife, Alfonso begins to obsessively court Sima, a dancer with the troupe, to the displeasure of his children, who are unwilling to accept the fact that their father might be interested in another woman. Soon after the big performance of the troupe in the Tel-Aviv dance center, we find Alfonso starting his search for a new woman, after having broken up with Sima.

The film Dancing Alfonso provides its viewers with a novel and unfamiliar portrait of the inner world of older people, and with a fresh look at our endless, but ever hopeful, search for someone to love.

  • Title: Dancing Alfonso
  • Director: Barak Heymann
  • Country: Israel
  • Year: 2007
  • Running Time: 50 min.
  • Genre: Documentary


  • Asian Silver Award – Shanghai Int’l Film Festival, China, 2008
  • Best Director AwardChronograph documentary film festival, Moldova 2010