22. - 28. 5. 2011. KINO EUROPA

Film Program

Film projections from 22. to 28. May, 2011., cinema Europa, Zagreb
The 5th Jewish Film Festival theme is "Women in Holocaust".


Special project related to teaching young people about the Holocaust, called "Educational Mornings"

Music Program

During the seven days of the Festival you will enjoy a very interesting music program that we prepared for you this year.

Thematic Exhibitions

An exhibition titled "Women in the Holocaust"

Talent Workshop

For Up-And-Coming Screenwriter, Directors, Cinematographers, Editors And Production Sound Recordists/Mixers

To See if I’m Smiling

 R. Tamar Yarom, Documentary, 60 min.

Screen shot 2011-05-02 at 7.37.39 AM Screen shot 2011-05-02 at 7.47.31 AM Screen shot 2011-05-02 at 7.47.37 AM To See If I'm Smiling 1


Six Israeli women give a personal account about their life in the Israeli Army, in the Occupied Territories. A female point of view on the drama of an unending war, on the moral challenges the soldiers faced at the encounter with the Palestinian population. The women look back critically at the way they handled the power that was placed in their hands at the young age of eighteen. Questions that were not dealt with during the service are raised today with great pain.

  • Title: To See if I’m Smiling
  • Director: Tamar Yarom
  • Country: Israel
  • Year: 2007
  • Running Time: 60 min.
  • Genre: Documentary


  • The Silver Wolf Award – IDFA International Documentary Film Festival, The Netherlands
  • The Audience Award - IDFA International Documentary Festival , The Netherlands, 2007
  • Best Documentary Award – Haifa International Film Festival, Israel, 2007
  • Special Jury Award - Sarasota Film Festival, Florida, USA, 2008
  • Special Jury Award - Hot Docs International Documentary Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2008
  • First Prize "The Magic Hour" Award - Planete Doc Review, Poland 2008
  • Best Feature Documentary - Dokufest, Kosovo, 2008
  • Best Documentary – The Annual Israeli Documentary Forum Awards, 2008
  • The Jacek Kuron documentary competition award- Watch Docs, Warsaw, 2008