22. - 28. 5. 2011. KINO EUROPA

Film Program

Film projections from 22. to 28. May, 2011., cinema Europa, Zagreb
The 5th Jewish Film Festival theme is "Women in Holocaust".


Special project related to teaching young people about the Holocaust, called "Educational Mornings"

Music Program

During the seven days of the Festival you will enjoy a very interesting music program that we prepared for you this year.

Thematic Exhibitions

An exhibition titled "Women in the Holocaust"

Talent Workshop

For Up-And-Coming Screenwriter, Directors, Cinematographers, Editors And Production Sound Recordists/Mixers

Inside Hana’s suitcase

 R. Larry Weinstein, Documentary, 75 min.

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Film Inside Hana’s suitcase is a touching story of two children who grew up in the WWII Czechoslovakia and the terrible events that they endured just because they happened to be born Jewish. The plot starts from the present day as a group of Japanese pupils and their teacher Fumiko Ishioka use the suitcase that originates from Nazi death camp to find out about the life of its owner, Hana Brady, Jewish woman that was imprisoned as a child during World War II. In March 2000, that suitcase arrived at Holocaust Educational Centre in Tokyo. On the exterior side of the suitcase, written in white, stood the text: Hana Brady, May 16 1931. alongside with the word Waisenkind- German for orphan. The pupils who saw the suitcase were full of questions. Who was Hana Brady? What had happened to her? They wanted Fumiko Ishioka, their teacher and Center director, to find out the answers.

  • Title: Inside Hana’s suitcase
  • Director: Larry Weinstein
  • Country: Canata / Czech
  • Year: 2009
  • Running Time: 75 min.
  • Genre: Documentary


  • Winner, Audience Award - Minneapolis Jewish Film Festival
  • Winner, Audience Award - Rockland County Jewish Film Festival