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Talent Workshop

2010 TW results

Procedure in selecting candidates

After closure of application period for 2010 International Talent Workshop JFF ended on April 5th and after a careful and thorough consideration of all received applications for Talent Workshop JFF, based on their qualification, the commission selected 10 candidates, who are offered to participate in  International Talent Workshop JFF. The jury’s decision is incontestable

The selected candidates

The selected candidates are:
1 ROUND Despina Ladi (Greek) Tiha Gudac (Croatian) Jure Pavlovic (Croatian) Susana Ojea Honisset


Mislav Muretic (Croatian)
Fabio Marson (Italian) Luka Venturin


Daniel Baldotto


Martyna Knitter


Dragan Petrovich (Serbian)

This is the definitive selection of candidates that have confirmed their participation on International Talent Workshop JFF.

Candidates arriving with their own means of transportation are obliged to make a payment of 70 Euro/500 Kuna’s to the bank account of the Zagreb Jewish Film Festival Association. This deposit will be used only as a guarantee of participation at the Talent Workshop, and shall be refunded completely upon the termination of the workshop.

We would like to thank for numerous applications received and we hope that we will have as many if not more applications for next years Internaional Talent Workshop JFF.