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Educational mornings

Educational programs

Educational programs from May 23rd to 29th 2010 in Zagreb

Three educational mornings – topic Holocaust

This year’s second educational program, for which the Festival of contemporary Jewish film in Zagreb is special and recognizable, is organized under the recommendation of the Ministry of science, education and sports of the Republic of Croatia.

In cooperation with Continental film this year we also organize a one-day education for primary school pupils of the 7th and 8th grade. The feature film „Dječak u prugastoj pidžami“ (The Boy in the Striped Pajamas) by the director Marko Herman in the distribution of the Walt Disney Studios, was made with the purpose to educate about the Holocaust and will be screened on May 26th 2010 at 11:00 in the Movieplex cinema in Centar Kaptol. The Education program includes, next to films, appropriate lectures by Mr. Branko Lustig, president of the Festival, where he will tell pupils, adapted to their age, about his childhood experience when he survived the ill-famed concentration camps. Because the audience liked it, this education will become an integral part of future festivals.

Educational morning for elementary school students was organized in collaboration with Continental film and Movieplex theatres.

The Righteous among the nations

The Righteous among the nations – educational mornings for pupils and students will be organized on May 25th and 27th in cinema Europa, in cooperation with the Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service in Innsbruck and the Austrian Cultural Forum in Zagreb. The audience will see this year the documentary The stars will never fade“ (Die Sterne verlὄschen nicht) by Helene Maimann about the Austrian Righteous among the nations. After the film, pupils and students will have the opportunity to participate in a lecture and in talks with the following guest lecturers: Andreas Maislinger, founder and director of the Victims of Holocaust Memorial Service and Joerg Reitmaier, civilian servant involved in the program of the Service.

Goal of the educational program is in a contemporary and interesting way to show young people the tragedy of the Holocaust and encourage them to develop tolerance. Through discussions and exchange of opinions the young people will learn to accept differences and respect dissimilarities, which is the only appropriate approach to life in the modern world.

Educational mornings were organized in collaboration with the Interdisciplinary and intercultural research association and Ms. Sonja Leboš.

Andreas Maislinger

Jörg Reitmaier

Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service