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Talent Workshop

Film program


from May 23rd to 29th 2010 in Zagreb

7 days, 43 films, 3 educational mornings, film workshops – Talent Workshop and a rich music content – this is how we can shortly describe the 4th Zagreb Jewish Film Festival.

Like during the last three editions of the Festival, this year also quality films will be shown and promoted from around the world. Film is a special medium that enables viewers not only to enter another world, but also to broaden their knowledge and understandings and now this already traditional Festival spreads the knowledge about the Holocaust, the history, the Jewish way of life and their habits. Next to newer productions, the program is enriched by older film classics and film achievements from Croatia and around the world, thematically closely linked to Judaism. Among others the Festival’s aim is to promote multiculturalism, tolerance, respect and understanding among different people whatever age they are. The honor of opening this year’s Festival was given to the German film „John Rabe“ that talks about saving Chinese workers during the Japanese occupation of China during WWII. Sounds familiar? John Rabe has been for its workers what Oscar Schindler has been for the Jews.

The second Festival day is dedicated to Bulgarian cinematography, headed by „Journey to Jerusalem“. During WWII Bulgaria managed to save all its citizens of Jewish descent – more than 50 thousand of them. For this reason special guest of the Festival will be King Simeon II of Bulgaria. Swedish and Danish cinematography will mark the third day and to the significance and its recognizability will contribute as guest, the main actor of the film „God afton Herr Wallenberg“, Stellan Skarsgård, one of the most popular Swedish actors, also widely known by the films Good Will Hunting, The Hunt for Red October, Amistad and Mamma Mia. Herr Wallenberg managed in only six months he stayed in Budapest to conduct the biggest and most successful saving of Jews. Morocco is the link of the fourth Festival day and the visitors of the Festival will enjoy the Moroccan films like „Adieu meres“, that takes place in Morocco in the sixties of the last century.

Next to the mentioned films the 4th Zagreb Jewish Film Festival will screen numerous films we believe will leave marks in your memory and your heart. All 15 features, 22 documentary and five short films talk in their own special way about the Righteous Persons.

As the topic of the Festival itself talks about the people who helped when the situation was the hardest, so we have to thank all those who offered us help, especially the volunteers that unselfishly shared their free-time in order to organize with us this Festival. Among the 53 of We believe that every one of you will find some content he/she is interested in and that you will return every day for more!

Welcome to the 4th Zagreb Jewish Film Festival!!