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Talent Workshop


Strangers, Erez Tadmor/ Guy Nattiv

6 days in the lives of Eyal , an Israeli living in a kibutz, and Rana, a Palestinian living in Paris, which starts with an accidental meeting in the Berlin Subway during the World cup finals, will change them completely. Eyal, who came to meet his accidental girlfriend, and Rana who came to cheer the French team, are forced to share as apartment and spend three intensive days together. As the final match approaches, their relationship tightens and they fall in love. Towards the final game, Rana is forced to leave Eyal who remains in Berlin on his own… 

Awards: Sundance Film Festival (Grand Jury Prize), Jerusalem Film Festival (Most Promising Actress), São Paulo International Film Festival (International Jury Award)


Erez Tadmor/ Guy Nattiv

Production / Release:
Israel, 2007

Genre / Runtime:
Feature film, 85'

Patrick Albenque, Lubna Azabal


Saturday, May 29th @ 15:00

Supported by Embassy of Israel - Zagreb

cinema Europa

Filmski program