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Hidden children

Hidden children, Fabrice Genestal

Robert and Gérald Finaly, two little Jewish boys, are hidden fiom the Nazis in a French Catholic orphanage during World War II while their parents are deported and die in concentration camps. Their aunt who lives in Israel asks for the orphans. But the Church refuses to give them back, having them baptised, converted and raised in Catholic religion in the meanwhile. Starts then a very polemic trial that becomes a national affair during five years…


Fabrice Genestal

Production / Release:
France, 2008

Genre / Runtime:
Feature film, 90'

Charlotte de Turckheim, Pierre Cassignard, Elizabeth Macocco, Jean-Marie Winling

Hidden children

Friday, May 28th @ 20:00

cinema Europa

Fabrice Genestal, Director

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  • Theather:
    cinema Europa
  • Friday, May 28th @ 20:00
  • Guest:
    Fabrice Genestal, režiser

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