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Adieu meres

Adieu meres, Mohamed Ismail

The year is 1960, the place Morocco. Brahim a Muslim, and Henry a Jew are associates in a sawmill. They are boned by a friendship that stretches back to their childhood. Fatima and Ruth, their respective wives are also close and work in the same insurance company. Fatima cannot have children and she is particularly attached to Ruth’s children, Avi and Aida whom she considers like her own. Economy difficulties have hit Morocco, and as is often the case in hard times, the negative effects are felt in the Jewish community. One day while leaving the synagogue, Mama Hanna, Ruth’s mother, is attacked by some young hoodl…

Awards: Tangier National Film Festival, International Film Festival Marrakech


Mohamed Ismail

Production / Release:
Moroko, 2009

Genre / Runtime:
Feature film, 115'

Nezha Regragui, Ahmed Alaoui, Amina Rachid

Adieu meres

Wednesday, May 26th @ 20:00

cinema Europa

Mohamed Ismail, Director

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  • Theather:
    cinema Europa
  • Wednesday, May 26th @ 20:00
  • Guest:
    Mohamed Ismail, režiser

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