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Where are you going Moshe?

Where are you going Moshe?, Hassan Benjellon

In the beginning of 1960s after Morocco gained its independence, great number of Moroccan Jews secretly left the country to go to Israel. Jews from a little town of Bejjad gathered around their rabbi to prepare for the departure. But there’s trouble: can Berbeq’ha, crazy guy who thinks he is a general, go as well? When Mustapha, the owner of the only bar in town founds out that all the Jews are leaving, he starts to panic. If all the non Muslims leave, the bar will be closed. How to avoid the closing of the bar? By retaining one Jew.


Hassan Benjellon

Production / Release:
Moroko, 2010

Genre / Runtime:
Feature film, 93'

Simon Elbaz, Abdelkader Essakalli, Mohamed Tsoult

Where are you going Moshe?

Wednesday, May 26th @ 22:15

cinema Europa

Filmski program