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Talent Workshop

God and Co.

God and Co., Stephen & Joel Levinson

EPISODE 1, 3′: Not if You Were the Last Panda on Earth
Aboard Noah’s ark, some of God’s creatures won’t get with the program. Featuring the voices of Bob Balaban, Jonathan Katz, Tami Sagher, Aaron Bleyaert and Jess Lane.

EPISODE 2, 3′: Getting There is Half the Fun
Moses leads the people to the promised land. Featuring the voices of Todd Barry, Joe DeRosa, Jonathan Katz, Livia Scott and Shek Baker.

EPISODE 3, 5′: Bound for Gory
The Sacrifice of Issac. Featuring the voices of Jonathan Katz and Shek Baker.

EPISODE 4, 4′: Let My People Grow
The Exodus story as a breakup. Featuring the voices of Julie Klausner and Sean Modica.

Awards: New York Television Festival (Best Animated Pilot)


Stephen & Joel Levinson

Production / Release:
USA, 2008/2009

Genre / Runtime:
Short film, 15'

God and Co.

Wednesday, May 26th @ 22:00

cinema Europa

Filmski program