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The camp in Staro sajmiste

The camp in Staro sajmiste, Marko Popović / Srđan Mitrović

The camp in Staro sajmiste was established by the Nazis in December 1941 on the territory of present-day Zemun which was then a part of the pro-Fascist puppet state of Independent State of Croatia – NDH. The Jewish camp in Sajmište – Judenlager Semlin, was one of the first concentration camps in Europe designated for the internment of Jews. From March 1941 until May 1942, about 7.000 Jews, mostly women, children and the elderly, were systematically murdered in a mobile gas chamber delivered from Germany…


Marko Popović / Srđan Mitrović

Production / Release:
Serbia, 2010

Genre / Runtime:
Documentary, 40'

The camp in Staro sajmiste

Tuesday, May 25th @ 18:00

cinema Europa

Filmski program