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Good evening Mr. Wallenberg

Good evening Mr. Wallenberg, Kjell Grede

Raoul Wallenberg, aged 32, arrived in Budapest in July, 1944, on a life and death mission. His approach was unorthodox and his methods unconventional. In six short months he made possible the largest and most successful rescue of Jews during World War II. Raoul Wallenberg was taken prisoner by the Russians on January 17th, 1945. He was never released. The film deals exclusively with Raoul Wallenberg’s final two or three weeks in Budapest (Christmas 1944 – January 1945). There are two central events: Raoul’s attempts to liberate 20 or so people captured on a truck, and his efforts to save 65,000 others who are confined to the ghetto.

Awards: Guldbagge Awards (Best Cinematography, Best Direction, Best Film, Best Screenplay), Lübeck Nordic Film Days (Baltic Film Prize for a Nordic Feature Film)


Kjell Grede

Production / Release:
Sweden, 1990

Genre / Runtime:
Feature film, 116'

Stellan Skarsgård, Erland Josephson

Good evening Mr. Wallenberg

Tuesday, May 25th @ 20:00

Supported by Embassy of Sweden - Zagreb

cinema Europa

Stellan Skarsgård, Actor

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