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Journey to Jerusalem

Journey to Jerusalem, Ivan Nitchev

Two kids, German Jews accompanied by an old uncle are trying to escape from the raging fascists towards the land of their ancestors – Palestine. They have to reach Istanbul by train and then to proceed on board of a ship. The sudden death  of the uncle is the reason why the brother and sister instead in Istanbul happen at Sofia’s train station. Destiny has prepared the two children to meet a traveling artistic company and from this moment on starts the Bulgarian part of their survival. Miserable hotel rooms, jalopy buses “tremendous artistic successes” and constant lack of money mark their days as in a colorful merry-go-round. Sofia, Plovdiv, Shoumen and at last Varna the town they were dreaming of…


Ivan Nitchev

Production / Release:
Bulgaria, 2007

Genre / Runtime:
Feature film, 109'

Alexander Morfov, Vassil Vassilev-Zuek, Hristo Gurbov, Tatyana Lolova

Journey to Jerusalem

Monday, May 24th @ 20:00

Supported by UNHCR

cinema Europa

Filmski program