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Talent Workshop

The Loners

The Loners, Renen Schorr

They were all on their own – two rejected foreigners, Russian speaking immigrants without family or friends. And if that wasn’t enough, they were accused of treason. Even though they pleaded not guilty and demanded a retrial to prove their innocence, no one paid any attention to their demands. But Glory and Sasha, the two Golani soldiers who became inmates at a ghastly military prison, didn’t come to terms with the humiliation. After losing their basic rights to freedom and dignity, they found themselves at a point where there was nothings left to lose. Glory encouraged his friend to rebel…

Awards: Israeli Academy Awards (Best Actor), Cinema South Festival, Israel (Best Film)


Renen Schorr

Production / Release:
Israel, 2009

Genre / Runtime:
Feature film, 92'

Sasha Agronov, Anton Ostrovski-Klin

The Loners

Sunday, May 23rd @ 22:00

Supported by Embassy of Israel - Zagreb

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