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Talent Workshop

John Rabe

John Rabe, Florian Gallenberger

1937. For nearly 30 years now, businessman JOHN RABE has been living with his wife DORA in the capital city of China, Nanking, where he heads the Siemens branch. It is difficult for him to hand over the reins of the branch office to his successor, WERNER FLIESS, and return to Berlin. He has learned to love the country, and he knows that while he is a man of influence here, at the Siemens headquarters in Berlin he will be only one employee among many. During the farewell ball in his honor, Nanking is bombed by Japanese airplanes following the Japanese army’s capture of Shanghai…

Awards: Bavarian Film Award (Best Actor, Best Production), German Film Awards – Film Award in Gold (Best Costume Design, Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role, Best Production Design, Outstanding Feature Film), Shanghai Film Critics Awards – Film of Merit


Florian Gallenberger

Production / Release:
Germany, 2009

Genre / Runtime:
Feature film, 129'

Urlich Tukur, Daniel Bruhl, Steve Buscemi

John Rabe

Sunday, May 23rd @ 18:00

Opening ceremony


cinema Europa

Florian Gallenberger, Director

Benjamin Herrmann, Producer

  • Screenings

  • Theather:
    cinema Europa
  • Sunday, May 23rd @ 18:00
  • Guests:
    Florian Gallenberger, režiser
    Benjamin Herrmann, producent
  • Opening ceremony
  • Concert:

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